Shopping With Chancellor Merkel

While on the way to teach for WCCCSA’s fall quarter study abroad program in London, one of the instructors decided to stop in Berlin. While there, she just happened to bump into one of the most powerful people in the world: Chancellor Angela Merkel. And she was just popping into the supermarket to pick up a few things like any ordinary citizen.

You never know what you’ll see when you head out into the world.

Angela Merkel Shopping.jpg

How to Win $4,000 to Study Abroad is once again running its annual Travel Video Contest! Students who study outside of their home countries, as well as students who plan to study abroad, can win up to $4,000 by submitting a short video explaining your plans to pursue education abroad.

Think of all the things you could do with $4,000! Add a side trip to Kyoto to your program in Japan to see Nanzen-Ji:


Photo by Eric Salard (Temple Nanzen-Ji Kyoto) [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

Or maybe you could pop over to the Salar de Uyumi while studying in Bolivia:


By Yellow531 [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons

If you need ideas on how to use $4,000 to reach your study abroad dreams, or if you have questions about Shoreline’s study abroad options, contact us at Good luck!

New Beginnings — Gilman Global Experience Blog

If you’re interested in studying abroad at some point, we’d recommend checking out some of the Gilman Scholarship Program blogs. Students from all over the U.S. who are studying in countries all around the world share their journeys from getting ready to leave the U.S. to coming back home. It’s a great way to learn what education abroad is like, and what a huge range of different experiences people have.

Happy reading!

My name is Christopher Amoako-Kwaw, a senior at Fairfield University in Connecticut spending my LAST fall semester of senior year in Florence, Italy. No, to just say Florence, Italy would not do this city enough justice. The beautiful, magical, breath-taking Florence, Italy is where I have been the past six days. I never really had […]

via New Beginnings — Gilman Global Experience Blog

Updated: Shoreline Ties for Most Gilman Recipients in U.S.

For the second year in a row, Shoreline Community College tied for most Gilman Scholarship recipients of any two-year institution in the country.

Two Shoreline students were selected to receive a combined total of $5,000 to spend fall quarter studying in Japan. Another two Shoreline students were selected as alternates, which means that should other students decline their awards, they will receive funding from the Gilman Scholarship program. These two students also plan to study in Japan. (*Update: Each of the students selected as alternates were awarded $2,000.)

A total of five Shoreline students applied for the scholarship, which means that 40% of Shoreline’s applicants were immediately selected to receive scholarships, and another 40% were selected as alternates.

From the press release on the Gilman Scholarship program website:

Gilman scholars receive up to $5,000 to apply towards their study abroad or internship program costs.  The program aims to diversify the students who study and intern abroad and the countries and regions where they go.  Students receiving a Federal Pell Grant from two- and four-year institutions who will be studying abroad or participating in a career-oriented international internship for academic credit are eligible to apply.  Scholarship recipients have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of other cultures, countries, languages, and economies — making them better prepared to assume leadership roles within government and the private sector.

Congressman Gilman, who retired in 2002 after serving in the House of Representatives for 30 years and chairing the House Foreign Relations Committee, commented, “Study abroad is a special experience for every student who participates.  Living and learning in a vastly different environment of another nation not only exposes our students to alternate views, but also adds an enriching social and cultural experience.  It also provides our students with the opportunity to return home with a deeper understanding of their place in the world, encouraging them to be a contributor, rather than a spectator in the international community.”

If you would like to learn more about how you can use this scholarship to study abroad, contact the Shoreline Community College Study Abroad Office at

Gilman $upport$ $tudy Abroad (Free Money!)

Gilman logo

Mark your calendars: for students who want to study abroad in Summer or Fall Quarter, the deadline to apply for the Gilman Scholarship, which awards up to $5,000, is Tuesday, March 1st.

During last year’s Summer, Fall Quarter, and Academic Year application cycle for the Gilman Scholarship, Shoreline Community College had more recipients than any other community college in the country. In total, Shoreline students received $11,500 to go towards the study abroad program of their choice.

But what may be the most impressive fact about all this is that more than 60% of Shoreline students who applied for the Gilman scholarship received funding.

There are a couple of reasons why so many Shoreline students get money from the Gilman Scholarship program.

First, only students who receive a Pell Grant are eligible for the scholarship. (The Pell Grant is one form of federal financial aid – if you receive financial aid, you can find out if you receive a Pell Grant by visiting the Financial Aid office or by logging in to the financial aid portal.) Because this scholarship is only open to a limited group (of people who really need the support), the likelihood that any given applicant will receive funding is higher.

Another reason is this: the Gilman Scholarship program loves community college students. They really, really want to help community college students to study abroad. In fact, they actually changed the rules of their scholarship about a year ago in order to make it easier for community college students (and only community college students) to fit an eligible study abroad program into their schedules.

So if you want to get a Gilman Scholarship to study abroad, now is the time!

Remember, too, that we are here to support you through the application process. We are more than happy to offer advice and assistance on your personal statement and other application materials. In fact, that’s partly what we get paid for. Be sure to take advantage of this!

To learn more about the Gilman Scholarship, or about our study abroad programs, you can contact us using the form below, or by emailing You are also welcome to stop by and see us on the top floor of the PUB, room 9302. Just tell the front desk that you want to see someone about studying abroad.

Strange and Wondrous World

Condé Nast Traveler published a slideshow highlighting some of the world’s strangest and most wondrous places, including a spot in Germany, where one Shoreline student will be spending Spring Quarter with WCCCSA’s Berlin study abroad program.

Rakotz Bridge 26-12-2014.JPG
Rakotz Bridge 26-12-2014” by Natalie UominiOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

This bridge, commissioned in 1890, was designed to form a perfect circle when reflected in the waters below. It is located in Kromlau, Germany.

Don’t miss the rest of the amazing places in the slideshow!

Thanks to Atlas Obscura for the information on the Rakotz Bridge.