AW80D: Nha Trang

Nha Tran 3

Dolphie traveled to Nha Trang yesterday, a city described by Lonely Planet as “the beach capital of Vietnam!” Visitors from all over Vietnam and around the world come to relax on the soft sand, snorkel or scuba dive, and go island hopping. Seems like a good place for a Dolphin to stop for a while!

Nha Tran 2

Other than tourism, a portion of this tropical paradise’s economy is supported by bird spit. Perhaps you have heard of the Chinese delicacy Bird’s Nest Soup? The nests used for this culinary delight are built out of saliva by swiftlets (a type of bird) on the walls of caves.They are prized for both their flavor and their nutrition, being rich in minerals such as calcium and potassium. The bird’s nest from Nha Trang is apparently among the best in all Vietnam.

Even if you don’t relish the idea of eating bird’s nest (despite it’s high reputation and nutritional value—really, you have to try these things before you can decide that you don’t like them), this looks like a gorgeous spot to visit (especially when it’s 39° F here). As of Winter Quarter 2015, almost 10% of Shoreline’s international students come from Vietnam. If you meet a student from near Nha Trang, you might just have a friend to show you around and help you find the best locals spots!

Nha Tran 1

(Two things: 1 – AW80D stands for Around the World in 80 Dolphies, wherein we follow the international adventures of Dolphie, mascot of Shoreline Community College; 2 – Credit where credit’s due, so thanks Wikipedia and Lonely Planet, and if you’d like to see where I got my information, just click the links.)

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