AW80D: Kuwait

Kuwait - Kuwait Tower

Kuwait was once a center of international trade, but now its economy is based primarily on oil, and it boasts the most highly-valued currency in the world, the Kuwaiti Dinar, one of which is worth (as of 4/2/15) $3.33 USD.

The most iconic structure in Kuwait, the Kuwait Towers, are part water towers, but also are home to a revolving cafe.

Dolphie got to do some shopping and dining in a traditional market on this leg of his journey, instead of a mall. The Souq al-Mubarakiya is a wonderful place to wander around and sample some of the local delicacies.

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(Two things: 1 – AW80D stands for Around the World in 80 Dolphies, wherein we follow the international adventures of Dolphie, mascot of Shoreline Community College; 2 – Credit where credit’s due, so thanks Wikipedia and Lonely Planet, and if you’d like to see where I got my information, just click the links.)

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