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New Beginnings — Gilman Global Experience Blog

If you’re interested in studying abroad at some point, we’d recommend checking out some of the Gilman Scholarship Program blogs. Students from all over the U.S. who are studying in countries all around the world share their journeys from getting ready to leave the U.S. to coming back home. It’s a great way to learn what education abroad is like, and what a huge range of different experiences people have.

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My name is Christopher Amoako-Kwaw, a senior at Fairfield University in Connecticut spending my LAST fall semester of senior year in Florence, Italy. No, to just say Florence, Italy would not do this city enough justice. The beautiful, magical, breath-taking Florence, Italy is where I have been the past six days. I never really had […]

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Florence and Siena

Judging by the pictures, this spring quarter has been amazing for the group of students in Florence, Italy (among them one student from Shoreline)!

Siena Church

Last week, the students took a day trip to Siena, a town famed for its historic center (which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which you must know by now means that we here at IE love it). Pictured above is the Siena Cathedral, which was built about 700 years ago.

Siena Lunch 2They also enjoyed a reportedly delicious meal of pasta with a creamy boar sauce and roasted guinea fowl with potatoes.

But they didn’t just eat amazing food in Italy—they learned how to make it, too. As part of one of their classes. They got credit for making pizza!

Pizza Class

Isn’t that great?

Notte Bianca Firenze (or: How to Party All Night in Florence)

Last weekend, Shoreline’s student in Florence experienced Notte Bianca Firenze, or White Night. What is White Night, you ask? Florence Web Guide explains it like this:

“Shops and museums stay open in the evening, the squares and alleys of the city are alive with street performances, music, DJ sessions, food stands, cultural talks, video and film showings and a grand buzz of people and activity which carries on til sunrise the next day.”

Check out some pictures, courtesy of @NotteBiancaFi on Twitter:

Mondi Luminosi al per

4 scatti di Martina Lorenzon e Linda Gramigan

Hello From Florence!

By Giovanni Dall'Orto (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

By Giovanni Dall’Orto (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons

Last week, a Shoreline student landed in Florence for her quarter-long study abroad program with the Washington State Community College Consortium for Study Abroad. She sent us her first thoughts on the city: “It feels like I’m in a movie. The buildings are unbelievable.”

We don’t know about you all, but we’re pretty jealous. Who wouldn’t want this street to be part of their commute?