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Advice From Barcelona

Marquis Harris participated in the Washington State Community College Consortium for Study Abroad fall 2015 Barcelona program. Two Shoreline students spent their fall quarter in Barcelona as well, and they have just recently returned to the U.S.

Both of them, by the way, got thousands of dollars from the Gilman scholarship program. Do you want to get thousands of dollars to help you learn valuable life lessons overseas? Contact us at studyabroad@shoreline.edu to learn how!

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Welcome New Students!

Today is the first day of Shoreline Community College’s New Student Orientation for Fall 2015!

We at Shoreline Study Abroad welcome you to our college and wish you the best of luck in your academic careers here! The best way to ensure a great Shoreline Community College experience is of course to study abroad. Just ask this guy:

Shoreline student having a good time on his Shoreline Study Abroad program in South Africa in September 2015

Shoreline student having a good time on his Shoreline Study Abroad program in South Africa in September 2015

If you’re interested in studying abroad, fill out our interest form and we’ll send you some information on any programs you’re interested in, as well as links to scholarships that can help make your dream of world travel a reality!

Generation Study Abroad Video Challenge Runner-Up

The Institute of International Education (IIE) and the New York Times have released some videos from contestants in their Generation Study Abroad video challenge. For those who don’t know, Generation Study Abroad is an initiative led by the U.S. Department of State that aims to double the number of American college students who study abroad by the end of this decade. Check out the videos below.

The Same, but Different

Freeway Signs in Arabic

One of the most fascinating things about traveling in a foreign country is the language, the sudden emergence of a completely different script on every common object and structure everywhere around you.

This is particularly (and much more intensely) true when the language in question doesn’t use the Roman alphabet (which is used in English, Spanish, and German, for example), as in the picture above. Especially after 10+ hours on a plane, reeling from jet lag, scanning for familiarity and finding it in something like a freeway sign, then realizing that you have no idea where you are. Or where anything else is.

That’s when you start thinking: I am far more ignorant than I ever could have possibly known. And now it’s time to do something about that.

(Everybody know what language that is? Anybody have a guess at what country this is from? Hint: Shoreline students just made a brief stop there.)

Dental Hygiene and Nursing Students Serve and Learn in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Scenic Panorama

Known as the City of Eternal Spring and the Garden City, Cochabamba, Bolivia sits in the Cochabamba Valley located in the Andes Mountains. Its climate, fertility, and beauty have attracted people for hundreds of years. It was first inhabited over 1,000 years ago, and continues to serve as a center for agriculture and industry today.

Dental Hygiene and Nursing students from Shoreline arrived there on August 24 for a service learning program. They have been working with local doctors, dental professionals, and organizations to provide basic dental and health care and education to those who may not otherwise be able to access these services.

And, of course, they’re representing Seattle while they’re there.

12 in Bolivia

They’ll be heading into a village in the jungle soon, so be sure to check back to read about their latest adventures and the great work that they’re doing!