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AW80D: İstanbul


As travelers have done for many hundreds of years, Dolphie has found his way to İstanbul. This city that straddles part of the geographical divide between Europe and Asia has served as the center of empires, the western end of the Silk Road, and a meeting place of many cultures.

Today, İstanbul is the sixth most-visited city in the world by international travelers, according to Forbes. It’s no wonder: there are historic churches and mosques, such as the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, museums, palaces, bazaars, and whirling dervishes. There are also great restaurants, bars, and a thriving arts scene with great music and art being created every day. There’s even a part of town that’s been overrun by hipsters, one of the true signs of a contemporary cultural Mecca.

Istanbul - Galata Tower Dolphie Istanbul - Galata TowerIstanbul - Blue Mosque

The Galata Tower, built in 1348, and the Blue Mosque are two sites that Dolphie made a point of visiting during his stay here. They are also among the reasons that İstanbul basically is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Istanbul - Diplomatic Ties by the Bosporus

Dolphie, of course, needs to find new friends on the road. Being an international traveler extraordinaire, he especially likes to meet those of different backgrounds than himself, thereby broadening his understanding and appreciation of cultures other than his own. From this friend, for example, he learned that in Turkish, cats say: miyav.

Seattle Central College is offering a short-term study abroad program in Turkey in August, so if you’d like to go see all of this for yourself, contact us at studyabroad@shoreline.edu.

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(Two things: 1 – AW80D stands for Around the World in 80 Dolphies, wherein we follow the international adventures of Dolphie, mascot of Shoreline Community College; 2 – Credit where credit’s due, so thanks Wikipedia, University of Adelaide, UNESCO, Forbes, and Lonely Planet, and if you’d like to see where I got my information, just click the links.)

Quick Updates

Just learned of upcoming study abroad opportunities through our partner schools in the Washington State Community College Consortium for Study Abroad (WCCCSA – pronounced wick-sa). There will be short-term programs in the Netherlands, China (specifically Kunming, capital of one of the most beautiful provinces in China, Yunnan, which translates to South of the Clouds), and Turkey.

More details to come soon. As always, if you would like to learn more, contact us at studyabroad@shoreline.edu.